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  • Credit Coaching Opportunities

    We don’t have any special offers that fit your profile at this time, but want to share some opportunities to change that in the near future.

    While we have programs that will lend on as little as a 550 indicator credit score we tend to encourage our clients to avoid those programs due to the associated higher rates and fees and more intense approval scrutiny.   With a little expert guidance and coaching many can reach that first target of a 620+ that opens the doors to more affordable and less painful home loan options.

  • What is making my score low?

    There are multiple factors that go into a credit score and educating yourself to specifically which ones are impacting yours is the first step toward a higher score. Some factors can be:

    •       Very thin no reportable credit
    •       Major credit events in the recent past
    •       Erroneous information in your credit file
    •       On time, but utilization practices that negatively impact a score
    •       General poor or slow repayment patterns in the credit files

    While years of poor credit can't be overcome overnight, with the right guidance and a sound plan future performance can be much better than past.

  • What can I do now to be more home-buyer ready and get better terms in the future?


    • Ask a lending professional to review your credit in detail with you (we do that for free)
    • Attend an in-person or online homebuyer education course (we offer a free one online)
    • Request a higher level analytical review of each of your credit files (some expenses may apply)
    • Seek assistance from a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency
    • Utilize the resources of a Licensed Credit Repair Agency (monthly and other costs may apply)
  • Disclosure

    This offer determination was made using a pre-screen softpull credit report as authorized by you.  Nothing in this offer or message constitutes a full loan approval and/or commitment to lend in any fashion. Full loan approval will be conditioned upon validating your identity, the information provided, income, assets, collateral assessments, and other required exhibits.  This message does not also constitute a formal denial of a credit request   Once an official loan application with required data points is received an official Loan Estimate will be provided detailing all estimated costs, fees, rate, and APR.  This offer cannot be combined with any others and is only valid for qualified transactions within the State of South Carolina.