What is a usda home loan?

With the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan program you have the opportunity to purchase a home in a designated rural area with no down payment. Contrary to the media myths and other sources there are special programs to allow folks to enter the opportunity of homeownership without a huge down payment and flexible credit requirements. One of the best-kept secrets available to millions of new homeowners is the USDA Rural Development home loan program.  


USDA Rural Housing loans can be used to purchase a:

  • Primary single-family
  • Non-farm residence
  • Condos
  • Manufactured home
  • New construction
  • Property in a planned unit development (PUD)


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How does this program work?

Financing a home with the USDA program is not much different than other home loans. Just less money needed to buy your first home. The process flow looks like this:

  • Pre-qualify with a USDA lender
  • Attend an in person or online homebuyer training
  • Obtain lender Pre-Approval
  • Find an eligible home
  • Final Lender Approval
  • USDA Guarantee review
  • Close on your loan


Move in and enjoy your new home

Is the USDA Program the best option for me?

USDA loans aren’t the right fit for every buyer, but for those first time and repeat buyers needing that extra help in achieving their homeownership goals it a great sound safe option.

Why you might want to consider a USDA Guaranteed Home Loan:

  • No down payment requirement – and flexibility to finance closing costs in many cases
  • No additional Down Payment Assistance (DPA) loans needed which have extra payments in the future
  • More lenient credit terms than conventional financing options

Lower total housing payment than other programs with less than 20% down

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