Dear Consumer,


I hope you found the free credit Review I completed for you yesterday insightful and helpful toward reaching your homeownership goals. As the Chines provers says, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with s simple step.’ You are well upon your way.


While I have been exclusively in mortgage lending for almost 3 decades now with over 6000 successful closing I recognize neither myself nor any other single person can be an expert  on all aspects of buying a home. That said we strive to partner with the very best and knowledgeable professionals available for the benefit of our clients.


Partner professional in our business can include real estate agents, closing attorneys, wholesale lenders, insurance agents, credit repair/restoration services and others. We do our best to vet and monitor these partners and at times add new ones and discontinue old ones based on performance and feedback from our clients.


What I want to share with you with this message is some of the benefits and risks in using the services of a credit repair or restoration company.